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April 2020


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Here we go again... Hell Revisited

Liberal Hell ? Socialist Hell ? Communist Hell ?

HELL NO... It's ALL combined as the...

Sanctuary Paradise HELL HOLE

As outlined in our - Discover Cosmic - dosssier: Until all guilty culprits of the Evil Group imposing Tyranny on this Planet are Prosecuted and Jailed.. or Hung ! Nothing will ever change in this world for the Deplorables and Conservatives. We invite you to enjoy this very special dossier and several other pages (Links below).


As always our friend Mr Cati has a very interesting perspective on all this nonsense. It has to do with

Accountability & Freedom.

The U.S. Department of Justice's Attorney General Barr issued a warning yesterday in which he compared the Stay at Home orders issued by several State Governors to: HOUSE ARREST ! Meaning that these mandatory directives mignt not be Constitutional... This is very serious because it outlines clearly where the Blue States (Democrats) stand... And that is against the United States and citizens interest ! You must know that in the U.S.A. : Democrats (Liberals,Progressives) regroup all LEFT WING parties: Socialists & Communists.

In Canada these parties are distinct from each other (although...). Here the Socialists are represented under the TAG of the NDP (new democratic party) but it is a marketing fraud because they are the Party of the Rose (International Socialist) a european concoction of useful idiots... Communists in Canada come in a palette of flavours and distinct parties... Which include the Parti Québécois and Bloc Québécois which have always promoted a pro-communist agenda...


At SBMarine we think that educating ourselves is essential in today's messed up world... In fact we think it is an essential for everyone wishing to live in a Free World and getting the boots of Totalitarianism OFF their heads !


So which side would you rather be on... (?) To find answers you'll have to be free of Mass Media & Left Wing Brainwashing...


Let's have a look at a very real and very up-to-date issue (one part of it): The so-called Pandemic.


It appears through several reports that Dr Fauci ( we call him Faux-Xi ) owns 4 Patents related to Covid 19... This same Left-Wing doctor has also used outdated and very old models to inform the President (facts)... He is also closely linked to the CDC who was not prepared to respond to the global situation... He also is very close to the Democrat' Washington Deep State... We aren't making a statement only outlining the leads to research if you wish to do so...

Bill Gates (Microsoft) an illustrious left winger funds the World Health Organization... Now add the MSM that relentlessly backs the Democrats... Add the World Trade Organization... Add the United Nations... Add the traitors to be found within the Republican Party...

What do they all have in common ? They all Back and Side with the Chinese Communist Party (C.C.P.)...


Isn't it time to start understanding the world we live in ? Here are a few links to help you understand by yourself !