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This was in April 2017 - Our two parent Sinularia sp. flanked EOS with minuxcule frag in background

A lot of things have happened since...

so we'll start with EOS and his friends

we sincerely hope you enjoy the presentation

Many new specimens have been added since 2017 and they will have sections of their own in the SPECIMENS menu. Of course the EOS tank can still be accessed through the - ORION briefing FULL TUTORIAL menu - and same applies to the AEGIS and SMOOCH tanks. All three will remain as tutorials but you will witness changes in tank denominations. 

EOS can now move under the Purple Finger Leather Corals above for shade

gallery/eos 2018 half

See... ?  We told you    :)

since April 2017; EOS has grown to six inches (without counting the caudal fin)

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This unidentified Sabella sp. could be seen in the One Rock tank (run on standard synthetic reef salt mix) where they never exceeded 1/2 in. diameter and remained blueish grey. We wondered how they would fare in the EOS tank with Natural Salt mix (H2Ocean to be precise)... The body of Sabellas are now raspberry red giving that - Red Button Daisy - look to them. The largest is now 3/4 in. Even though hard to notice: colored bands appear on the feathers.... To be continued. Note that these are soft tube and very brittle specie unlike the ones with calcified tubes.

Halimeda copiosa hung in there through the 2017 demolition derby and give every sign of developping into thick colonies... Is this alga ever hard to maintain... wow...

The flamboyant Nemastoma !! As beautiful as it is fragile. Reason being that each plant is fastened to the rock by a single thin thread. The minute they reach 3 or 4 inches and if EOS rushes by: that's it they're gone... and they won't reattach themselves anywhere.... so they just fade away... Our only hope of propagating them to other tanks would be Gendered Reproduction that would colonize small rocks...

These delicate Rose bouquets are part of the Coralline group and may well be a Mesophyllum sp. . They also had a hard time last year... But they are forming new colonies all over !!

NYX is having a colourful conversation with ZIPPY... No video it's too dark... For the first time in months NYX saw me camera in hand... Obviously he was entertaining ZIPPY about what was happening with the camera chimes at every click. Now no one ever heard of ZIPPY who was shipped same day as ZIP. Find out why in the NYX tank.

Discover the new MARSI tank

Featuring Cespitularia sp. in SPECIMENS menu

Featuring Sinularia dura in SPECIMENS menu

Featuring Anthelia Sp. in SPECIMENS menu


ZIP... a very dedicated Private Nurse...
There's no way I can make a long story short. In this one you can learn a little about the Coral Banded Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus) at the same time... check the Date/Time stamps: there's no cheat  :)


Early Warning... 5:00 AM

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