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Anthelia sp.


Anthelia flava

In 2012 / 2013 our website featured exhaustive files on Anthelia flava including a Special File on fragging... That website and most of the files on our computer were destroyed by hackers

(we didn't know much of computer security back then)

some photos were salvaged :)

Banner photo shows Anthelia flava exposed to direct morning sunlight through a window behind tank facing south (tank was shielded by 2 inch extruded polystyrene). This highlighted the versatility of Anthelia in aquascaping. Cameo picture above shows very large polyps (1 1/2 inch). Anthelia grows to 6 / 8 inches high.

Anthelia has the marketing trade and most of internet promote it as a beginner's coral thet either overshades the whole tank or becomes parasitic etc... It's so easily discarded: but let us be the judge of that (see the Typical Reefers Syndrome in the ORION briefing 3)

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We pioneered new fragging procedures

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Recycling shells from mussels or oysters fed to your menagerie is not only fun but highly versatile in aquascaping (and also gets rid of the ugly doorknob effect created by cookies).

Mussel shells dissolve in sea water eventually leaving only the outer chitin coating. They are hollow which allows them to be burried in coral sand bed. Thus making them the perfect support for corals who do best at bottom. 

Anthelia flava polyps are easily cut from rocks to frag with a sturdy pocket knife (to lift a small portion of rock with frag).

They only require a 10 gallon tank with an SBMarine Biological Filter to prosper.

Should you encounter different aquascaping requirements... Simply cut larger frags (5 / 6 polyps) and drop them in holes on small rocks (see picture above).

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No need for cyanide glue... Simply drop frag into shell..

Thin slice of rock can be seen under frags...

Within 12 to 24 hours: frags will stand straight... and within a few weeks they will have attached themselves to shells

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This healthy Anthelia Sp.

provided by Incredible Aquarium

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This Anthelia came as an unidentified Specie...

we have no idea how and what it will develop into...

it thrills us to find out though !!!

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