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Natural Treatments

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Bacterial Infections

Treatment of illnesses is more than finding a cure:

It involves Tank Management as a whole

In order to better understand the following discussion you should see Special Files:

Beware of Panaceas


Peroxide, a poison?
Let me laugh ...

There is nothing scientific about the following observations: they are neither medical or veterinarian essays... However they are the culmination of five decades of experience in aquariophilia and should be considered as valid guidelines for serious aquarists.

In this example: Gaïa undergoes a treatment for what looks like a combined fungal and bacterial infection.

(all photos are time/date stamped)

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April 22nd 2018: Gaïa's first spawn. Typical grayish areas cover the opercules and head up to dorsal fin.

Thick white spots also show on gill plates...

Fungus is found everywhere: in the air we breathe and in all waterways... Fungus also populates any freshwater or marine tank and stays off healthy fishes due to their protective mucus. This is the reason you can see PIXYS is doing fine. As previously outlined GAÏA damaged her protective coating through her heavy duty aquascaping activities. The normal reflex woud be to find a miracle cure and dose the tank with it, right ?

WRONG !!! The first so called miracle cures that come to mind are metallic ions such as Copper Sulfate or Zinc Sulfate: they are poisons, nothing else, may they be chelated or not. They contaminate tanks and coral sand and can never be removed killing all invertebrates and poisoning your fishes. Penicillin, Tetracycline, etc are proscribed since they are designed for viral infections. As for antibiotics well we all know that microbes develop a resistance to them and they are not well adapted to marine life anyway... METRONIDAZOL is very popular today BUT: It provokes sterility in fishes !! This is the last thing we want to try with a mating couple !!!

Since it is impossible to establish a diagnostic without an autopsy... We must first rid the tank of any anaerobic bacteria without killing the aerobic bacteria: the good bacteria known as nitrifying bacteria (the ones that convert NITRITES into NITRATES). Hydrogen Peroxide is perfectly adapted to this task and will also have an effect on the treated fish in a non-toxic fashion.


So for a week we added prophylactic doses of Hydrogen Peroxide to the tank at two day intervals and the spawn hatched... Now you may ask why GAÏA was not moved to a quarantine tank... TRAUMA - STRESS - mainly. She went through a lot of hard work to establish her lair and positioning the anemone... Catching a stressed fish means that the aquascaping will be moved most often... Thus destroying an established environment. No it can be done smoothly without stress by natural means. Best not to change anything in the routine and aquascaping.


Then starting in May 2018 we got GAÏA on a daily medicinal diet which consists of the standard SBMarine Marinara Puree enriched with CHLORELLA. Fresh raw crushed garlic is prepared and added to this frozen base everyday (a Special File on Nutrition is upcoming this summer). GAÏA is fed as much as she will eat, portion by portion.

Garlic is a full spectrum medicine. It is antifungal, antibacterial and even antiviral thanks to Allicin. Garlic is a PREBIOTIC. Garlic contains Diazepan which is the natural and non-addictive form of Valium: Diazepan is an antianxiety and muscle relaxant. Garlic is also an antioxydant and contains vitamins and essential minerals... (and much more)

So how is our patient doing after three weeks of treatment ?

GAÏA made a slight modification by pushing the slanted rock forward an inch: this allowed the anemone to open facing the back of the tank... PIXYS can now see to MARSI and the menagerie more easily... From the front of the tank nothing can be seen but rocks... 


SPAWN No 2 (18 May 2018)

GAÏA refused food at 10:30 AM and layed her eggs late afternoon. All eggs are fertilized and no bad ones (fungi) appear... 

GAÏA is in a much better shape with most fungal areas cleaned from her body. The opercules are almost cured also. 

Stay tuned.




Another dose of Peroxyde was added 24 May to further assist GAÏA in her recovery. On 25 May at 5:24 AM: 'Pods - Limpets - Asterinas - Nassarius are obviously doing well. GAÏA keeps a watchful eye on all activity around her.

PIXYS & GAÏA have shared all responsabilities so far with an exception: PIXYS is the only one to wash eggs with his mouth and inspecting their health in this fashion. 

Two proud and dedicated parents

July 2018

GAÏA is fully cured thanks to the

SBMarine treatment protocol