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Système Biologique Marin - Marine Biological System

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Being an Aquarist makes you accountable for your actions as a hobbyist. Your passion requires understanding, knowledge, dedication, experience and know-how... Which you won't get by spending your weekends at your LFS reading labels with that silly notion that there is a magical solution and/or cure to all your aquarist miseries or dreams !!!

I know :) .... I've been through it all after 50 years of watery business !!

Forget about your reactors, dosers, supplements, chemical readings for a while... Just sit down, relax, enjoy life and your Aquariums... Take a close look at the splendor before your eyes and listen closely: because your living environment is speaking to you... Much better than any bottled test kit. The zooplankton, the algae, the bacteria, the color of the water, the smell of the water, the invertebrates and fish all interract in this universe and each indicates a specific notion !! But to understand this language you need time, knowledge and a library of books. Public libraries are stocked with old books and pamphlets dealing with aquariums and even an old book on soft water husbandry can prove useful since there is no difference basically between the management of salt water or soft water tanks... The basics of filtration (mechanical, biological, chemical) are the same. In fact the same aerobic bacteria perform biological filtration in both soft water and marine tanks. Fish biology is the same... etc... etc... What you need is the understanding of these basics IN FULL and this only comes with practice and experience. Don't expect a mechanical or electrical or electronic device to think or act in your place by proxy... It just doesn't work that way unless your purpose is to fill a tank to decorate the hallway or the basement as toy ornament.

Old School Aquarists have brought the hobby to higher standards with this knowledge and experience. And as always the private industry comes up with new answers and solutions that meet the new challenges facing Aquarists today. They are the same that the wild environment has to cope with: Incompetence / Myth-Information / Corrupt Bureaucracy and Political Agendas..... Don't expect OGM's, the U.N. or Social Media Sunday Ecologists to solve anything on this Planet - LOL - ... History demonstrates that Aquarists have contributed the most in their field to the solutions involved in dealing with endangered and even extinct species by simply using their extensive knowledge of Maintaining and Reproducing Healthy Specimens in Captivity !! ( several pages dealing with this extensively will be reposted in a short while)... Yup that's what being an aquarist is all about !!

The same Old Schoolers have now gone into business themselves to propel Aquarists and Industry towards a New Dawn of accountability. Commercial Coral Farms and Fish Hatcheries / Algae Basins / Live Food Installations / Improved Shipping processes... This network of hard working professionals has removed stress on the environment by providing alternatives to collection of specimens in the wild and exploitation of fish collectors woldwide... But then there are still the same - bad guys - out there: the same as in the 50's and 60's that perpetuate savage destruction... I wanted to outline the exceptional contribution of these new businesses to the Aquarium Trade !! They not only create jobs HERE but garantee the best of stock to the Aquarist. Canada now has more and more of these pioneers developping new trade and industrial fields: was I ever glad to find such outlets in Toronto and now in Montreal !! They meet and surpass all expectations !! Even their packaging and methods are brand new and quite impressive... I was stunned by their professionalism and dedication to offering a - human experience - instead of a bullying marketing strategy !! In fact I never even expected to find such a great experience. With Marine Life: fast shipping and specific packaging are essential and more often vital to the acclimatation process. A few years back I dealt with a local Montreal Distributor who retired... It was the old way of collecting wild specimens and very few tank raised specimens were available... The losses were high due to cyanide poisoning, starvation, stress, but mostly because of Parasites ranging from Anemones to numerous invertebrates

All this has changed for the better and most specimens you will see from this day at SBMarine might be from any canadian distributor           I thought Canadian Aquarists should know:

Responsible Aquarists are also Canadian Business Owners !!!

Please take note that I have no ties (personal, matrimonial, legal, contractual or other)

with the Pet Trade and Industry

SBMarine/SBMarin remains a Free Service Enterprise

These Links are provided for your information only

They do not constitute a commercial bond with Fragbox, Canada Corals, ecoLiveRock or MOPS


SBMarine only posts Links with the consent and approval of respective Business Owners



Données d'Observations pour la Reconnaissance et l'Identification de la faune et la flore Subaquatiques

DORIS is managed by and adresses Divers exclusively. It's not an Aquarist's website therefore no debates or comments of that nature is allowed on their website. SBMarine graciously offers links to DORIS webpages through their generous courtesy.

We wish to thank Mr Alain-Pierre Sittler for his precious cooperation. 

- DORIS is not at all an aquarium site and our forum "identifications / issues" greatly prefers dealing with species in their natural environment. Not that we are sectarian in practice (hunting, fishing, aquarium or other ...) but the site mainly regroups various diving biologists , underwater photographers and we want to absolutely avoid sterile debates.  -



SBMarine relies on MOPS to catter to it's specific needs and that of it's members. Not all Aquarists have workshops or the time to assemble SBMarine's exclusive Biological Filters: MOPS has excellent undergravel filters that fill the gap. Others won't run around town for basic - Old School - items either... But MOPS offers a broad range of items simply not found anywhere else. The most interesting at MOPS is that they feature many Manufacturers that promote the - Bring the Jobs Back to the Free World - option !! 

In addition: MOPS allows for payment options adapted to canadian Aquarist's such as: Interac eBanking which represents the safest and most efficient means of transaction in our opinion.

As if all this weren't enough... MOPS is dedicated to service and professionalism: you can rest assured that attention is given to every minute detail.



Nudibranchs were up until now the least documented of invertebrates...

You can imagine how thrilled we were when Gary Cobb (Yup in person) spontaneously answered - No Worries - when we asked him if he would agree to our posting a link to his Unique website !! No words can describe the value and wealth of information Gary and his Team of Wizards have gathered: it is simply breathtaking !!!!

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